Suzuki To Introduce Variable Valve Timing For Updated V-Strom 1000?

It’s a little unusual to report on technical advances being made by Suzuki Motorcycles, but new patents published indicate that Suzuki is looking at becoming only the second manufacturer after Ducati to utilize variable valve timing in a motorcycle.

Despite being a common feature in car engines for decades now, variable valve timing is now only just coming into use on motorcycles with Ducati’s updated Multistrada 1200. The benefits of VVT include reduced fuel consumption, decreased emissions and probably most importantly for motorcycle aficionados, better and smoother power delivery.

The patent filed by Suzuki (it should be noted it’s not the first related to VVT by Suzuki) is for the addition of a control valve for oil pressure on the front cylinder head which supplies oil to a variable valve mechanism. The engine design in the patent is a V-Twin and if you look at the patent sketches next to a picture of the V-Strom 1000’s engine, it’s obvious to see the resemblance.

With Suzuki coming back into MotoGP this year we have high hopes for the Japanese brand. After years of losses from their motorcycle business, they finally made a profit in the previous financial year, so here’s hoping that Suzuki starts bringing to fruition much of this work.


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