Stoptix Automatic Brake Lamp For Motorcycles

Looking to give other motorists a bit more warning that you’re slowing down that doesn’t require any real technical know-how save for replacing your existing bulbs? The Stoptix by MechOptix is supposedly the world’s first automatic brake light that illuminates for any deceleration event.

That includes:

  • Downshifting
  • Engine braking
  • Normal braking
  • Collissions
  • Malfunction (i.e. engine stopping and coasting to a stop)

“Stoptix is a good example of new technologies on the horizon that increase visibility for motorcycle riders,” said Jeff Hammock, president, MechOptix. “This is the first of many products from MechOptix that apply the latest sensor and LED lighting technologies to reduce your chances of a rider being hit by another vehicle. Our goal is to design these products as replacement parts so you don’t have to modify your vehicle wiring. This means that these products will also install in cars, trucks, trailers, buses, tractor-trailers and more.”

The bulb does a contain a battery to measure deceleration which requires recharging every three hours. However, that really shouldn’t be a problem as the battery is automatically recharged every time you apply the brakes (charging via the lamp socket) and is fully charged within 2 seconds. Also, if you have a bike with the a running lamp always on like on most modern motorcycles, the Stopix is fully charged always.

We love things like this that improve rider safety, especially ones that are so damn simple and there’s nothing really any more simply than changing a bulb. MechOptix plans to have the Stoptix brake light available in US stores late this spring and it will eventually be available worldwide with CE certification. Pricing is unavailable at this time.


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