Sports-Tourer Version of the FZ-09, the Yamaha FJ-09

It has now all but confirmed that Yamaha will announce a sports-tourer version of it’s highly acclaimed Yamaha FZ-09 (known as the MT-09 in some parts of the world) later in the year, to be called the Yamaha FJ-09. While it has its flaws (most notably a poorly sorted front end), the FZ-09 has been very successful due to it’s cracker of an engine and extremely keen pricing. It makes perfect sense therefore to put a new set of clothes on it and release a related version.

CAD renderings of the Yamaha FJ-09 were leaked on the internet earlier this month by Indonesian website TMCblog and this week, Australian magazine AMCN confirmed that it will go sale in Australia for around $13,000 AUD ($12,100 USD). As the pictures show, the basics of the bike remain completely unchanged. The engine will remain the same 849cc triple as the FZ-09 and it’s unlikely that it will be retuned in anyway. Similarly, brakes, wheels and even the suspension (unfortunately) will be identical.  Like the FZ-09, Yamaha’s goal is to keep this machine as affordable as possible, so any changes that can be avoided will save on costs.

Weight will go up due to the addition of some fairings and expect the fuel tank capacity to be increased given the Yamaha FZ-09 only has enough room for 3.7 gallons of fuel. The riding position also looks slightly elevated. Like so many other bikes, the official announcement will be made at this years INTERMOT in October.


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