Royal Enfield To Build Two New Engine Platforms

A report in the Times of India has shone light on Royal Enfield’s medium term aspirations which is to become the top middleweight manufacturer of motorcycles in the world (in other words, to dominate the 250cc to 750cc segment). That’s a lofty goal but when you have India as your base of operations, not an impossible one.

To do this Royal Enfield has announced that it is well underway on two new engine platforms, one being 750cc in displacement and the other though not specified is rumored to be around 400cc and will first be seen in the upcoming Royal Enfield Himalayan. Current models such as the Royal Enfield Continental GT use a 535cc single cylinder and the Bullet a 500cc single – so there’s definitely a need for some variation if the company wants to conquer the western markets.

Managing Director and CEO of Eicher Motors (RE’s parent company) Siddhartha Lal stated that the new products would not include bikes which are “extreme and very sporty”. “We would stick to our core proposition. The bikes would be for international markets and they would be higher performance bikes but not extreme performance bikes,” Lal said. The two engine platforms would form the basis of a number of models over the next 5-10 years.

It’s only been in the last few years that Royal Enfield has set its sights outside of India, returning to markets such as the United States and Australia and Europe. It also announced that it would open a factory in England – returning to its country of origin so to speak.

Royal Enfield has somewhat of a cult status around the world and are hugely successful in India. In fact the company outside Harley-Davidson globally last year – no small achievement. Despite that, Royal Enfield has set a goal of an increase in production by a huge 50 per cent for this year alone.

Source: Times of India

Royal Enfield Continental GT


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