Royal Enfield Himalayan Pricing Announced in India, Equivalent to US$2,230

The new Royal Enfield Himalayan looks set to be an extremely popular model in India and will no doubt fit a niche in the western world too. And if it were priced according to what it costs in India, it’d be a smash hit. Pricing has just been announced for India, with the Himalayan priced from 1,55,545 Indian Rupees which at today’s exchange rates is equivalent to just over $2,230 US.

If only it would make it across the world at that price. Firstly, the Royal Enfield Himalayan will need to be specifically tailored to western markets as far as emissions and safety goes (for example, it will require ABS in Europe) and then local distributors will rightly take their cut. Add on top of that dealerships having to pay wages for their salespeople and mechanics and it’s likely that the price in the US will hit around north of $5,000.

By way of comparison, the Royal Enfield Continental GT goes for around 2,07,539 IDR in India, but hits America at $5,999 while in Australia it retails for a shade under $10,000 – so expect the Himalayan to be a little bit shy of those prices – which still makes it a competitively priced bike – just not as much as if you could by it for the equivalent Indian price.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan will start hitting Indian showrooms in the next fw weeks, but no dates have been announced for other markets yet.


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