Ride to Live – New Motorcycle Safety Campaign

Ride to Live is a new safety initiative just launched by the State Government of New South Wales. In addition to the usual tips and and pointers that are good for new and old riders alike, there’s some great interactive tests on the website and excellent videos on things that we sometimes take for granted.

The campaign was created around the premise of what keeps motorcyclists safe – making good decisions. The campaign gives riders useful information about the risks they face on the road and how they can best manage them. What’s really good though is that the Ride to Live campaign hasn’t been created by a group of desk bound bureaucrats that hate motorcycles and motorcyclists. It’s had strong input from the main motorcycling organisations in New South Wales, including the NSW Motorcycle Alliance and the Motorcycle Council of NSW.

Another great aspect of the campaign is that it also targets drivers. “Right from the start, it was essential for us that this motorcycle safety campaign did not just talk to motorcyclists, but to drivers as well,” Margaret Prendergast, Centre for Road Safety General Manager said. “This is why we have developed a television ad that specifically speaks to drivers.

“The ad challenges drivers to think about how closely they look for motorcyclists. It reminds drivers to check blind spots and look out for motorcyclists, so they can help them ride to live.”

A sobering statistic is that there were almost 2700 motorcyclists killed or injured in NSW last year and even though motorcycles only represent 4 per cent of motor vehicle registrations, they account for 21 per cent of all road fatalities and 12 per cent of all road injuries. The campaign targets commuter and recreational riders and addresses the different risks they face. Commuter riders are more likely to have crashes with other vehicles and at intersections, while recreational riders are more prone to single vehicle crashes or incidents on curves.

Visit the website here, which also features some great ideas for motorcycle trips, and also check out the YouTube videos here.



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