Redverz Gear Motorcycle Tent Range Expanded

Like to go camping by yourself? And when we say by yourself, we mean with your motorcycle to keep you company? Redverz Gear, designers of the industry’s original motorcycle tent has expanded its range to include a slimmed down version of what they describe as being the most versatile motorcycle tent on Earth.

The Solo Expedition Tent’s two-pole construction makes for fast and easy set up and one less pole than previously lightens the load. Double-wall construction and a bathtub floor in the Solo sleeping bay affords maximum nighttime comfort and protection in a smaller foot print, 90 inches x 41 inches to be exact. At just 12 feet and 3 inches in length overall, the entire Solo Expedition Tent fits more easily into smaller predetermined camp spaces and the lighter pack weight make carrying it less taxing.

“The essence of motorcycle travel is simple, stripped down. We ride and camp to feel free. The design of our tents adds to that feeling of freedom, literally gives you room to breath. Creating a solo version was always on the horizon, it was just a matter of when,” says Kevin Muggleton, owner of Redverz Gear who also shares that, “The Solo is officially my go-to tent.”

Redverz Gear also produces motorcycle tents that can accommodate two or three people, plus retain room for your bike.


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