Production Recursion Concept to be called Suzuki Katana?

Just days after magazine Young Machine published that the turbocharged Suzuki Recursion concept was going into production there’s now even more evidence the wheels of progressive are finally turning at Suzuki. It’s been revealed that Suzuki has re-registered the Katana brand name and logo in Europe and the United States.

That seems significant, because the Recursion concept has a strong resemblance (as far as concept bikes are concerned) to the Suzuki Katana’s of old. The original Katana was a rocket ship and at the time it was released in 1980, was claimed to be the fastest production motorcycle in the world. The original Suzuki Katana in fact defined the superbike market for years to come. By the end of the Katana’s run however, the bikes that featured the name were more sport touring than superbike.

But if Suzuki is producing the turbocharged Recursion then resurrecting the Katana brand which was last used in 2006 would be a great way to go because the Recursion is a bike that has the potential to redefine the motorcycle industry by way of a practical, forced induction machine as opposed to the Ninja H2 which few will ever get to ride.

Also of note is that Suzuki re-registered the Gamma name and logo, but in Europe only. The Gamma name was used for a vareity of two-stroke bikes in the early 80’s.


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