Pictures Of The All New 2016 Triumph Bonneville Snapped

We’ve previously brought you news that Triumph was hard at work on an all new Bonneville. Since then, some blurry pictures have surfaced of the bike on the Internet but today the boys at have published the clearest look yet at Triumph’s most important new model in recent years.

Not only does this picture give us a nice clear look at the new bike, it confirms a lot of what we’ve previously heard about the new machine. Water cooling is definitely in as can be seen from the massive front radiator unit. Upgraded suspension and a modified frame is also clear for all to see.

Also clearly visible are the two front discs up front which will be accompanied by ABS for the first time due to new mandatory European Union regulations. As reported before, the Bonneville will use a partial water cooling system to meet emission regulations – those cooling fins on the engine remain functional and necessary.

Sources have indicated to us that the capacity boost to 1,100cc sees power increase from the Bonneville’s current 67 hp to about 91 hp with a similar percentage increase in torque. Yet, despite the big increase in engine capacity, weight for the new Bonneville will actually decrease slightly. Though there will also be an entirely new transmission for the updated Bonneville, it will remain a 5-speed gearbox to keep it ‘traditional’ which is a bit of a missed opportunity in our opinion.

Click the image below to go to’s gallery. Expect an official announcement from Triumph in the fourth quarter of 2014.


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