Phoenix Racing Stand Touted as the Most Advanced Motorcycle Stand

A new Kickstarter campaign by Phoenix Racing Stands claim that their design is the most advanced motorcycle stand in the industry. While it’s hard to describe a new configuration of what is essentially welded steel and caster wheels as ground breaking their design is extremely clever and versatile, so much so that it the best combination of stand and storage solution we’ve seen.

As per their campaign, the Phoenix Racing Stand takes a slightly different approach to lifting your motorcycle than other stands on the market. Heavy duty, dual bearing casters are mounted below the stand to allow effortless movement of your bike. The rear stand can be used and purchased separately by itself, and still allow for a large range of movement and overall general maintenance. Combined with the front stand, which can be purchased at a later date, allows for a complete range of movement and maintenance of the bike. Both front and rear stand can actually be connected by a long rod allowing the bike to be moved around with ease.

The duo behind the project aren’t some big name company and while that may concern some, we’re not dealing with cutting edge technology here – merely a simple idea reimagined using tried and tested methods.

There’s a few Kickstarter pledges available for the set at $350, while the final price will be $425 upon wide release. It’s obviously not cheap but for those with limited space (and time) it might be worth the investment.

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