Patents Begin To Reveal Honda’s Next Generation 2016 Fireblade

The Honda CBR1000RR hasn’t had a major overhaul since 2008 and so like its competitor in the Suzuki GSX-R1000, it’s well overdue for some radical upgrades. Honda is clearly thinking the same thing as a number of patents have quietly been filed over the past six months showing that they are making plans for the next generation Fireblade.

Similar to Suzuki, it appears that Honda intends to not go down the path of Yamaha and Ducati and fit the Fireblade with the latest and greatest technology and gadgets. Rather, the Japanese giant wants the to make the Fireblade simple, practical and affordable. To that goal, Honda is looking to make the bike both lighter and smaller than the competition.

One patent has shown Honda inventing an airbox that is in part incorporated into the frame to save space (not unlike Buell’s use of the frame to hold fuel). Another patent lodged discusses a new design of lightweight alloy wheels for use on a motorcycle. And the most recent patent shows a new cam-driven system that will provide both space and weight savings (albeit marginal) for the engine.

The patent goes into detail about how only one camshaft is directly connected to the crank while the second camshaft gets its power from gears connected to the first. It means that only one large sprocket is used instead of two. The design would probably mean the overall width of the bike becomes somewhat narrower.

It’s not expected that Honda will announce an all new Honda Fireblade until next year at the earliest, with Honda instead focusing considerable energies towards the rebirth of the new Africa Twin. But with the Honda Repsol MotoGP team looking to have a much tougher time this year, a brand new Fireblade will be essential to take some of the market share away from the newly released Yamaha R1 and R1M.

Patents Begin To Reveal Honda's Next Generation 2016 Fireblade



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  • Steven Hood

    New Fireblade!! Long overdue i would say ! Although, my RR8 is an excellent machine and is lasting well on the mileage. 36,600 miles and counting.

  • Kevin Sprock

    Can’t wait. I’ve always preferred Hondas because they last so damn long. I hate the idea of having a bike that falls apart after 30,000 miles and Hondas last almost as long as cars. I hope they update the design, give it good suspension and add a bit more power. Somewhere around 190hp would be great, then just give it ABS and traction control, who needs all the other gimmicks.

    • Mark

      Hi Kevin I agree with everything u say had Hondas all the time so much better then the rest I will be buying the new one if looks good what model u have 😀

      • Jed

        So much better than the rest ? Dude are you serious, when did you bang your head, it is a fact for road bikes, depends whos thumping it , where when and who ,there is not any difference between the top 3 for street riders. saying that Yamaha rules

  • Good Bikers
  • Wurnman

    Ive owned 10 Honda’s and rebuiilding a Kwaker now. I’d say im a Honda fanboy and the latest blade will surely be awesome.

  • Sway

    I had a 2012 Fireblade & curse the day I got rid of it for a more practical bike for longer distance commuting etc. As with most of the reviews you will find on the bike I definitely agree that it isn’t a stand out in any one particular area, but as a package it’s pretty much the best road focussed 1000cc sports bike IMO.

  • meta tron

    Wish Honda would go the route of using MYT engines. They’d be way ahead of the competition.