Ninja 300 Track Bike Project – February Update

It’s our first update of our little Kawasaki Ninja 300 track bike project for the year and we’re essentially in the home stretch now. After doing the majority of the mechanical and repair work, it’s pretty much aesthetics left to complete and that means installing and prettying up our fairings – as well as a run on the dyno to accommodate our new exhaust system and air filter.


But that’s still a few months off as we find time to go through those last steps. What we have done since our last update is just tidy up a few things here and there. Firstly we’ve added some protection by way of left and right engine crash covers from R&G – not that we intend on laying our precious over.


We’ve also installed an R&G exhaust hanger where the passenger foot pegs previously hung. We still need to find an appropriate bolt to connect the exhaust to it, though.


Brand new brake pads from Versah have been installed front and rear and were chosen because they provide excellent initial bite – something you want from the fairly average braking system that comes standard on the Ninja 300. Also in the stopping department we replaced the stock brake line with a braided one from Hel Performance but only at the front.


The horrible stock IRC tyres have also been taken to the tip and replaced with a set of Pirelli Diablo Rosso II rubber.


But obviously the biggest change is our fairings. As you can see from the various photos they’re not yet properly fitted but that is something we’ll be doing over the next week or so. Then we’ll prep them for painting and use both paint and decals for the final look.


As you can also see, our fuel tank has been disconnected and is ready for treatment too. We’ll be stripping the paint back, filling up the small dent and giving it a fresh coat of paint to match the rest of the bike’s new look.


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