News Round-Up – US Motorcycle Sales up 3.8% in 2014, Bell Adds the Moto-9 Helmet to Custom Fit Range

Sales of Motorcycles in USA up by 3.8 per cent in 2014

Motorcycle sales in the United States continue their slow recovery, with motorcycles sold in 2014 totaling 483,526. This is up 3.8 per cent from the previous year. Broken up into the Motorcycle Industry Council’s various categories, sales of street bikes (excluding adventure and dual sport bikes) were up 3 per cent with 334,488 bikes sold, 81,103 dirt bikes were moved for an increase of 10.9 per cent and dual sport bikes rose by 3.6 per cent (34,497).

Since the market bottomed out in 2010, annual sales have now increased by a total of 43,848 per annum. That’s still a staggering 396,384 less motorcycles sold than in 2008 when the market was at its peak and it still shows how badly the industry was hit by the economic downturn in the US.

Motorcycle Industry Council


Bell Expands Custom Helmet Lineup

The first company in the world to commercially offer a custom motorcycle helmet service, Bell, is now offering the service to motocross riders with the availability of the Bell Moto-9. Bell’s customization process works by having your head laser scanned which provides an exact measurement of your skull. This data is then used to produce the inner shell of the helmet to match your noggin exactly.

The Moto-9 has been a fairly well received helmet, though like many of Bell’s offerings isn’t on the cheap side. In addition to the helmet price of $550, the customization service is an additional $350. The Moto-9 joins Bell’s full faced street helmet, the Star Carbon as a custom fitted option.

See Bell’s website for details on the service and locations where you can get scanned.

Bell Custom Fit Helmets

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