News Round-Up – Royal Enfield Outsells H-D, Indian Confirms Dark Horse, Schuberth 2015 C3 Pro Helmet Graphics

Royal Enfield Sells More Motorcycles Than Harley-Davidson in 2014

Indian owned motorcycle company Royal Enfield has had a huge year, so huge in fact that they’re now outselling Harley-Davidson – not a small achivement. In 2014, Royal Enfield sold 302,591 motorcycles, up a massive 70 per cent from the previous year (178,121). By comparison, American as apple pie Harley-Davidson managed to sell 267,999 bikes.

Royal Enfield are huge in their home nation of India where their bikes sell for the equivalent of between $1,500 and $2,500 – not a bad price in a market that is home to one of the world’s largest (and growing) middle class of consumers – estimated to be some 250 million people strong.

And while Royal Enfield has a somewhat negative reputation for reliability, the company is quickly modernizing. All its motorcycles now feature fuel injection and they’ve stolen a huge amount of engineers from larger motorcycle companies with the aim of boosting reliability and rideability. And we’ve got to say, the Continental GT is one sweet looking machine.

Royal Enfield Continental GT

Indian Motorcycles Confirms Dark Horse

We mentioned just a few days ago that it was likely that Indian Motorcycles was looking to resurrect the Dark Horse name and today we have official confirmation of that. As part of the launch of their first ‘new’ model for 2015, the company has instigated the ‘Dark Horse Challenge Ride’.

A five mile ride will happen through central Chicago and will be lead by a group of brand new Indian Chief Dark Horse motorcycles. At the end of the ride, riders will be able to get up close and personal with the new machines. Indian Motorcycles however still hasn’t divulged details of a release date or even pricing on the new machines.

For those who don’t join the ride, Chicago motorcycle enthusiasts are also invited to get up close and personal with the all-new Dark Horse by visiting Indian Motorcycle’s exhibit at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show, which kicks off Friday, February 13 at 1 p.m. and runs through Sunday at 5 p.m. The new 2016 Indian Chief Dark Horse will be formally unveiled at 5:30 p.m. on Friday at the Indian Motorcycle display area

Schuberth 2015 C3 Pro Helmet Graphics

Schuberth has added new options to the popular C3 Pro flip-up helmet with the introduction of the “Classic” and “Dark Classic” graphics. The traditionally-styled designs come in seven color combinations for the C3 Pro and two combinations for the C3 Pro Women.

The C3 Pro Classic is available in Blue, Red or Silver, while the C3 Pro Dark Classic is offered in Red, Blue, Silver or Orange variations. The C3 Pro Women is now offered in Classic Red and Classic Silver. For two-up riders or travel partners that want matching helmets, the C3 Pro and C3 Pro Women are both offered in matching Classic Silver and Classic Red finishes.

Thanks to advanced engineering and technology, the C3 Pro is one of the world’s quietest, lightest flip-up helmet, weighing in at only 1,650 grams. Externally, wind tunnel-tested aerodynamics include a molded rear spoiler to ensure a smooth ride, even at high speeds. Internally, each C3 Pro comes equipped with an internal antenna that allows riders to utilize the Bluetooth® SRC-System for seamless pairing with intercom, phone, MP3 player and GPS.

Recommended retail price is $829

Schuberth S3 2015 Colors

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