New Triumph Speed Triple Spotted

New photos of surfaced of Triumph’s Speed Triple, arguably Triumph’s most important model and one that is coming under increasing competition from the latest batch of ‘super nakeds’ from BMW and KTM. The Speed Triple was last updated in 2011 and the spy shots shown here indicate that Triumph is working on an evolution rather than a revolution of the 1,050cc triple.

While the exhaust cans on the test bike clearly won’t be what is fitted on the production version, it’s interesting that Triumph hasn’t decided to move the cans down low like they did with the last update of the Street Triple. Also at the rear, the single piece seat appears to have been replaced separate pews for the rider and pillion.

At the front is probably the most interesting change with a new fly screen sitting above the unchanged headlights with what appears to be a ram air scoop at its base. It seems to be a very small aperture for a ram air scoop and engineers we’ve passed this by don’t think it will deliver much if anything in the way of extra performance – though perhaps it will serve as a good marketing ploy.

Indications are that other than the ram air scoop, there won’t be any real changes to the performance aspects of the Speed Triple. This test mule also shows no indication of a massively upgraded electronics package by way of dynamic suspension or cornering ABS – such additions if they are utilized in the new Speed Triple will likely be reserved for the uprated R version in any event.


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