New Touratech Aventuro Mod Helmet Hits Shelves

Touratech is a well known and respected brand for adventure riders and have been making great aftermarket parts for a wide range of bikes for many years. They also have a good reputation among riders for their riding gear too and have now teamed up with Schuberth on a new modular helmet.

The Touratech Aventuro Mod was announced last year but is now finally hitting shop shelves. “Instead of an all-round solution, we took a modular approach from the start. Using exchangeable components gives a modular helmet the desired functionality without needing to make as many compromises as with an all-round helmet that tries to cover too many applications at the same time,” says Touratech CEO Herbert Schwarz.

By fortunate coincidence, German helmet manufacturer Schuberth was also planning a modular helmet. The new Aventuro Mod is the result of close collaboration between the development departments in Magdeburg and Niedereschach. Its design and graphics are the work of Touratech designer Bart van den Bogaard. In addition to the firm’s cumulative touring experience, Touratech has also contributed numerous parts for the new helmet in conjunction with TT-3D, its plastics competence centre in Murnau.


The Aventuro Mod uses the same basic structure as the Schuberth C3Pro, but features numerous detail enhancements. The helmet shell is made of special glass fibre laminate, a technology developed by Schuberth to produce glass fibre reinforced plastics that combine high strength with low weight.

As well an anti-fog, distortion-free visor that meets European “class 1 optics” standards, a continuously adjustable sun visor, and washable liner, the Aventuro Mod has an aerodynamically optimised helmet shield – with cover caps included – that is easy to fit without tools. Ingeniously, the peak has a memory function so when the chin section is flipped up, it remembers the position it was set to and then magically rebounds to the riders chosen position when the helmet is closed.

The Touratech Aventuro Mod will retail for $829 in the US and priced between £469.99 and £529.99 in the UK. For Australian riders it will set you back $1,261.

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