MV Agusta F3 RC but not as we Hoped

As was reported just a few weeks ago, rumors were circulating that MV Agusta was preparing to release an RC version of their F3 in both 675cc and 800cc guise. Sitting under the Reparto Corse name, we were hoping to see high end and lightweight supersport machines for a category that has been neglected by manufacturers for the last few years while they refocus again on liter bikes.

Today, MV Agusta has announced a limited edition run of the F3 RC, available in either engine configuration but disappointingly it’s really just a branding exercise. Only 350 of the bikes will be produced and the only differences they will have over the standard F3 bikes are race livery and some minor cosmetic changes.

Those cosmetic changes amount to some blanking plates for when you remove the mirrors and pillion pegs for the track, some levers and rearsets from Ergal, a nice tail tidy as well as a fancy looking single sided rearstand that will probably raise the price of the bike by $500 alone. Oh, and you get a pretty plate certifying the bikes authenticity that is signed by MV Agusta president Giovanni Castiglioni.

Pricing for the F3 675 RC is €15,600 plus dealer charges and the F3 800 RC is €17,210 less what the dealer stings you with. That’s a massive premium over the standard models of  €12,700 and €13,999 respectively for what amounts to a custom paint job, but they do look very pretty… No word on international pricing but we’re assuming that the 350 bikes will be released in various markets worldwide.



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