Motorcycling and Art Combine for RIDE in Tasmania

The island state of Tasmania is renowned as not only having some of the best roads to ride on in Australia but the world. Tasmania is also home to a thriving artistic scene and at this years Junction Arts Festival in Launceston, Tasmania, the two pursuits are combined in an event called RIDE.

Described as a participatory art piece, RIDE (a motorcycle meditation) is the brainchild of UK artist Abigail Conway. Created in collaboration with local motorcycle riders and enthusiasts, a rider takes an audience member on an individual journey out of Launceston and into the Tasmanian bush.

In an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Ms Conway stated that upon taking up motorcycle riding a few years earlier, she felt that “This is the best feeling in the world, how can I make this into a participatory show for riders, about riders and to get audiences into an immersive experience like I had been given.

“They’ll be talked to throughout their journey and stopped several times throughout to hear more about the riders and the landscape around them,” Ms Conway said. A soundtrack plays inside your motorcycle helmet that weaves snippets of audio together with sights and sounds from the landscape as you ride through it.

According to Conway, RIDE is “a celebration of motorcycle culture. It is a reflection on how we think and see things differently when travelling through landscape. It is about how we look forward and how we look back, and whom we choose to travel with along the way. RIDE is a meditation on freedom, searching, standing alone, and holding on to someone for dear life.”

RIDE finishes up this Sunday with tickets from $30. Abigail’s blog can be found here.

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

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