Could MotoGP Return to Bathurst?

Bathurst is the spiritual home of motorsport in Australia and one of the greatest tracks in the world. It’s also totally unsuitable for many forms of racing today including MotoGP due to the prevalence of concrete barriers lining many parts of the track. But the Bathurst Regional Council is looking to change that with plans forming to build a second circuit at the Mt Panorama venue.

While still in early stages, the New South Wales state government has already put $5 million towards the idea which at this stage includes noise and environmental impact assessments. The second circuit is proposed to be built on the eastern side of Conrod Straight, where the Australian V8 Supecars reach speeds of 300kp/h.

The plan is to make a second circuit grade one – capable of hosting premier class events such as MotoGP and Formula 1. “It’s pretty well known that we would be keen to get two wheel racing back here,” Bathurst Mayor Gary Rush said. “The Superbikes and the MotoGP both being held at Phillip Island; we are very keen to get our hands on both of those events.”

While Phillip Island is loved by riders due to its speed and flowing corners, crowd figures continue to tumble at the event due to expensive accommodation, tickets and an over eager police force who target motorcyclists travelling to and from the venue. While a configuration for a second track hasn’t yet been finalized, it would be between 3.5 and four kilometers in length.

The last Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix to be held at Bathurst was in 1988 and was won by none other than Mick Doohan.

Could MotoGP Race at Bathurst?


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  • dan

    Sounds cool but im still a fan of phillip island. ” we are very keen to get our hands on both of those events.” yeah and then you will have to recoup the cost somehow……..