More Supercharged Kawasaki’s On The Way?

The Ninja H2 and H2R will start arriving at dealer showrooms in just a few weeks and already Kawasaki is planning for more supercharged machines in the future. Trademark applications in Europe, Japan and America show that Kawasaki has registered the name Ninja R2.

But in Japan, Kawasaki has gone even further with trademark applications for the following names:

  • Ninja R2-R
  • Ninja E2
  • Ninja E2-R
  • Ninja S2
  • Ninja S2-R

At this point, it’s pure conjecture as to what models those names will apply to but they obviously follow the naming convention of the street legal H2 and track only H2R. With the amount of money spent by Kawasaki, not to mention the years of development on the technology, it shouldn’t come as a suprise that Kawasaki intends to use supercharging on a whole new range of models

For our vote, we’d love to see a supercharger applied to a smaller capacity bike like a 600cc supersports or even smaller. No doubt given the amount of trademark applications, Kawasaki probably has the same ideas in mind, too. But only time will tell what they bring.


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