More Pictures Emerge of the new Royal Enfield Himalayan

Newer and clearer pictures have emerged of the Royal Enfield Himalayan, an ‘adventure’ styled motorcycle that is likely to be released late this year or early in 2016. Knowledge of a new Royal Enfield motorcycle came to life after it was discovered that the company registered the name “Himalayan” as a trademark. The first images of the bike surfaced in late April.

The main difference with the latest spy shots is the redesigned exhaust – no longer a direct carry over from the RE Continental GT, it now has at least some ground clearance in keeping with the ‘adventure’ theme this bike is aiming for.

For the most part, the bike appears to use a lot of carry over parts from the Continental GT cafe racer, including wheels, brakes and the dash. Different however is the use of a monoshock at the rear (believe it or not, an actual first for Royal Enfield) and what to us looks like a slightly larger tank. The other main points of difference are the handlebars, longer front forks and more upright ergonomics.

What is still up for debate is the engine that this latest motorcycle will use. Royal Enfield is working on two brand new engines – one around 400cc in capacity and another in the 750cc range. Given Royal Enfield’s ambitious international aspirations, it wouldn’t surprise us to see both engines being offered in western markets.


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