Mike Schram Becomes the Youngest Person to Circumnagivate the World on a Motorcycle

Australian Mike Schram has just become the youngest person ever to circumnavigate the world on a motorcycle. After setting out on the journey at 16 years of age in 2012 along with his parents, Aad and Jeannette, Mike only last week crossed the finish line at the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia after three and a half years of travel.

Most of the journey has been documented on their blog, Earth-Roamers although at this point in time the site is a little behind on actual events occurring. Here’s the Facebook post with regards to the milestone:

HE’S DONE IT! Against the odds 19 year old Mike Schram has set a new World Record as the youngest person to have circumnavigated the world on a motorcycle, when he arrived on March 6th 2016 at the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. The journey took 3,5 years, during which he rode more than 120,000 km, covered more lines of longitude and more lines of latitude than the previous record and improved it by over 4 years.


Arriving at the Great Ocean Road was an emotional moment. Not too long ago the attempt had seemed over when financial problems outside his control almost ended the trip. We tightened the belt, cut all our expenses back to the absolute bare minimum and continued the attempt. Tightening the belt was literally as we lost 20kg each in the past months alone… The trip wasn’t without its hazards. He was nearly killed by a car driver on the wrong side of the road in Kyrgyzstan, by 4 trucks on the wrong side of the road in Honduras, got severe salmonella poisoning in India, was bitten by a venomous spider in India which nearly killed him as the venom was close to his brain, lost all feeling in his arms and legs again due to food poisoning in Myanmar and was put severely through the test when the riding conditions became unimaginable in Kazakhstan and India. The journey is well documented on earth-roamers.blogspot.com which is behind (of course) as we have to rely on free wifi, but it will be completed (and the trip isn’t over yet!)
Mike left on this trip as a cheeky young sod of 16. He has proven to be a very capable but most of all safe rider. He’s aware of what’s going on around him at all times, adapts to the conditions and rides defensively. The conditions he has been through are impossible to describe, yet he did it all. Arriving at the Great Ocean Road today and witnessing him achieve his goal was a very proud moment for me as a dad. Well done Mike! It was an absolute honour to be part of it…


Of course we celebrated the achievement just as we like it… free camping in the bush with nothing but the Kangaroos around us and under a cover of millions of stars! (which is why this message is a tad late…

Congratulations to not only Mike, but his parents too. An amazing achievement at his age and amazing memories for a family to have together.

mike schram

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