Metzeler Introduces The Racetec RR and Racetec RR CompK Slick for the Track

Metzeler has announced the release of two new tires designed for the track – both for professional racers and for serious track day enthusiasts. They are the Racetec RR Slick (racing) and Racetec RR CompK Slick (for track days). They are both a step above the DOT approved Racetec tires Metzeler already releases as they are not legally allowed on public roads. That means grip and rideablity are as high as they can be.

Metzeler says the key characteristics of the Racetec RR CompK Slick, dedicated to use in the Superbike categories in the various national championships and in Road Racing events, are grip, handling and riding precision when pushing to the limit in situations typical of high level competitive events, versatile use in terms of high adaptability to different types of asphalt, temperatures and motorcycle, simplicity of use, long life and consistent performance.

The Racetec RR CompK Slick on the other hand, was designed specifically for those users who, although not professional riders, love riding on track days or are simply amateur or beginner riders who want to train by racking up the miles to find the best setup for their bikes without necessarily looking for absolute top of the line performance.

The front Racetec RR Slick was redesigned from scratch: in order to ensure well-balanced performance in combination with the new rear sizes and to achieve better grip, the front sizes have a new profile with a larger external diameter. The new profile is now narrower, improving agility and creating a larger contact area, which means that there is more rubber on the ground to increase grip.

For the front and rear sizes, the new profiles also required a new structure with particular focus on the balance between flexibility, which allows the contact surface to grip the asphalt copying its micro-bumps, and stiffness, which improves precision in braking and going into turns. The optimum balance was achieved on the front sizes using two plies of aramid combined with the 0° steel belt, whereas on the rear it was achieved using a sturdier carcass ply but made of rayon, a more flexible material than aramid, combined in this case as well with the 0° steel belt.

The track only slicks will be available in front tire sizes of  120/70 R 17  K1 and 120/70 R 17  K2, while the rears will be available as 180/60 R 17 K1, 180/60 R 17 K2, 200/60 R 17 K1, 200/60 R 17 K2.

Metzeler Introduces Two New Tires for the Track Metzeler Introduces Two New Tires for the Track Metzeler Introduces Two New Tires for the Track

Metzeler Introduces Two New Tires for the Track

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