The Ronax 500 is a Street Legal Bike That Costs More Than a Porsche

Teased earlier this year, German company Ronax GmbH has officially unveiled its street legal weapon of mass destruction, the Ronax 500.  It harks back to the pre-2002 days of Motorcycle Grand Prix racing, and as such is powered by a 160bph, V4 two-stroke.  Yes, two-stroke.  That alone will get some excited (or terrified).  In addition to the engine, there’s a bit of hero worship going on here to a Mr Valentino Rossi, as not only does the bike somewhat resemble the Honda NSR500 that Rossi won his first GP championship on, but also the fact that only 46 of these bikes will be made available for sale.

Now, before you get too excited, there’s a little thing about the price.  As it says in the headline, this thing costs more than many high-end sports cars.  The price?  Around $135,000.  No, that’s not an extra zero in there by mistake.  And for that price, you don’t get ABS, you don’t get traction control, but you do get two(!) throttle settings, being sport and rain.

Other technical details are that it has a twin-spate frame, 43mm Ohlins upside-down fork, TTX rear shock, forged aluminum wheels, Brembo brakes and carbon fibre bodywork.  You know, all the expensive stuff you expect on a bike that costs as much as a house in some places. The dry weight is 320 pounds.

Looks wise, it does have a very 1990’s vibe, and a highlight would have to the Cylon like headlight hidden in the front cowl air intake.  Upon checking the Youtube video of the bike below, I’m not sure if a kickstand is included.

If you’re interested, head on over the Ronax website and express you’re interest in purchasing one, or maybe a pair.


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