Marquez and the new Honda Africa Twin get Dirty

Honda has handed the keys to their all new CRF1000L Africa Twin to current MotoGP world champion Marc Marquez to show that he’s as capable on the black stuff as he is on the dirt. In the video released by Honda he’s joined by fellow Spaniard Joan Barreda who is well known and respected in the Dakar scene.

And while obviously the video shows a lot of choreographed jumps and slides, there is one interesting thing to note. Marc Marquez stands only 5’6″ tall and yet is able to plant his feet firmly on the ground when stopped. While that may sound trivial it’s a big deal as the CRF1000L includes an adjustable height seat meaning that this bike will appeal to a wide range of potential buyers.

There’s two other videos on the playlist, one each of Marquez and Barreda talking about the bike and no surprises for guessing that they were positive towards it.

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