Kawasaki Vulcan S and the new Ergo-Fit System

After reading about Kawasaki’s new Ergo-Fit feature that will be made available to all customers purchasing the brand new 2015 Vulcan S, I had to wonder why no one has thought of this before? The Ergo-Fit is an at the point of sale service where Kawasaki will modify the ergonomics of the new Vulcan S to whatever best suits the rider.

To do this, Kawasaki will move the foot pegs, adjust the bars to the correct position and even put in a different seat that either increases or decreases seat height and/or moves the rider further from or closer to the bars. This isn’t rocket science but it’s a brilliant idea to offer something like this in today’s ‘one size fits all’ approach to new motorcycles. It’s especially great because this isn’t some value-add trick from Kawasaki – it’s included in the price of the bike – no cost whatsoever. The pictures below show some of the configurations available.

The Vulcan S is a new entry level cruiser based on Kawasaki’s ER6 platform which includes the Ninja 650 and the naked ER6-n. It’s powered by the same 649cc parallel twin which is a solid unit, especially for a bike in this price range and thankfully comes with ABS as an option (though the bike goes from two to one front discs compared to the Ninja 650 and ER6-n which is a little worrisome, given how average the brakes on these machines already were).

We think it’s a great looking machine and a welcome addition to the entry level cruiser market, especially with custom tailoring like this. The 2015 Vulcan S is priced at $7,399 (including ABS) and will hit showrooms shortly.


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