Kawasaki Updates KLX150 Series for 2016

Kawasaki looks set to update the KLX150 series later this year according to Indonesian website TMCblog. They’ve gotten a hold of a whole bunch of official images showing off an updated 2016 model of the Kawasaki KLX150. While our Indonesian language abilities are non-existent (and Google translate is only a slight step up), we can make out a few changes from the images.

In addition to changes to the graphics, the front headlight and shroud has been completely changed, going for a flat instead of angular look – an odd design direction given the more angular nature of most Kawasaki bikes of late. The only other real design change we can see is the fairing cover the exhaust has been modified slightly.

On the mechanical front, the clearest change is in the disc rotors – changed from a standard design to a wave design for better heat dissipation – size remains the same at 240mm up front and 190mm at the rear.

It also appears that in addition the updated KLX150S and KLX150L models, there’s also a special edition which may be for Indonesia only – at least at this stage. That particular bike gets extras such as a skid plate, fatter handle bars, frame covers and interestingly, slightly larger front diameter upside down forks (36mm instead of the standard 33mm).

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