Vozz Helmet is an Actual Revolutionary New Helmet Design

While “next-gen” helmets are focused on heads up displays and the use of some new materials, the Vozz Helmet is an entirely new design. It’s a helmet with no chin strap, and that’s because it has a chin bar that fits extremely close to the user’s jaw line. You might be wondering then how you fit a big fat head through a now small hole. Just lift the back of the helmet up, silly.

Yes, the Vozz Helmet uses a hinge that effectively means you put your head in from the rear. It’s hard to explain without seeing it in action, but the image below illustrates it well. So why go to all the trouble of completing redesigning the way virtually all helmets have worked since their invention? It’s all in the name of safety.

Vozz 004

At its most basic level and because of the way you put your head into the helmet, it can be designed in such a way that offers far greater protection. Because of now only needing a hole at the bottom of the helmet to fit a neck and not an entire skull, the  helmet can be made to be smaller and thus sit closer to your head.

But more importantly is the way the helmet can be removed in an emergency. One of the most difficult things to assess in a motorcycle crash is a riders spinal state – taking off a conventional helmet has to be done in a very specific way and if done wrong (especially by a well meaning passer by) it can result in serious injury.  At the same time, paramedics need access to your airways as quickly as possible, so it can be a catch 22.

This is how the Vozz is so clever. It incorporates an emergency safety release system, meaning medical personal can easily take the helmet apart without any movement of the riders neck. The lack of the exposed chin guard also reduces ‘snag points’ – effectively how an object can wedge itself between your chin and the helmet chin bar and twist your neck. Without a gap, there’s no here for foreign objects to get in.

The team of Mark Bryant and Damian Chown have been working on the VOZZ helmet since 2005, and it’s taken them 10 years to perfect it and get it to market as the Vozz RS 1.0. One thing we were curious about the helmet was if it felt claustrophobic when putting it on as we’re so used to having the air rush up underneath the chinbar – but it honestly didn’t bother us one bit when putting it on and the snugness of the helmet around our head was second to none.

There’s also the added bonus of being able to put your helmet on with your gloves on (hooray!!) and leave your sunglasses on too (double hooray!!).

While the helmet is certified to meet DOT, European and AU/NZ Standards, it’s currently only available online for Australian residents at a price of $888 (US $635) which gets you the helmet, a clear visor and a tinted visor. It will hit Canada and the US in April 2016 and Europe TBA.

And for the ADV riders out there – yes, they’re working on a dual sport version.

Source: Vozz Helmets

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  • Carmelo Santini

    I’m glad safety and design are becoming prioritized and moving forwards. It seems like the current state of motorcycle armor should have been in the 80s or 90s not now.