Is the Kawasaki Ninja H2 A Good First Bike?

Dear I’ve been wanting to buy my first motorbike for a while now but nothing has quite caught my eye. That was until Kawasaki announced the Ninja H2. I love cars with superchargers (like the ones on The Fast and the Furious) so I knew I had to get an H2. I know I could get a Busa or a Fireblade for cheaper, but my father is giving me the money to get the H2.

My dad’s really good like that. He wasn’t around much as a kid and I only see him when I need some cash these days, but he’s always generous and gives me everything I want. He’s all you’d want in a father I suppose. Anyway, he did raise one good point that perhaps I should start out on a normal literbike for my first motorcycle, just to be safe. What do you think?

Yours sincerely, Chaz McGuire.

Hi Chaz, thanks for your email. It’s good to see that your father is looking out for you. He raises an interesting question about whether you should get a normally aspirated literbike or start out with or an H2 straight away. Chaz, you sound like a likable fellow and I’m sure you’re a real winner at life, so here’s a number of reasons why we think the Kawasaki Ninja H2 would be a great first bike for you.

1. You won’t need to change gears

The top speed of the Ninja H2 is limited to 300 kph, or around 186 mph. It’s geared so that you don’t have to shift into second gear until you’re well past 60 mph (100 kph). That means you don’t have to worry about changing gears – think of it like an automatic motorcycle. That’s good news for you Chaz, as shifting gears can be hard for people like you and takes away the focus on looking cool.

2. You can speed out of trouble

Chaz, the Kawasaki Ninja H2 produces a massive 210 horsepower – almost more than any other street-legal production bike. That means should the police try and pull you over for not wearing a helmet, you can speed away from them no problem. Sure, you’ll need to change gears but you’ll be able to work it out – necessity is the mother of invention (or learning to change gears on a motorcycle).

3. It’s supercharged

How many people do you know Chaz that can say that their first motorcycle was supercharged? Maybe a few, but you and I both know they’d be lying. Your friends probably ride wimpy first bikes like R6’s or GSX-R750’s. Lame! The best way to learn to ride supercharged motorcycles is to own one. You’re almost at the first step!

4. It’s practical

Some may think the Ninja H2 is just a track weapon, but for you Chaz it makes sense as a daily rider. You probably won’t ever take it to the track, or even the drag strip but don’t let that stop you from getting the H2. When you think about it, the H2 is just like every other motorcycle. Sure, you can’t carry a pillion and there’s no storage space, but you can always stuff the milk and bread from the corner store down the front of your jacket.

In our view, the H2 makes a perfect bike for lane splitting too. Lane splitting is always easier when you’ve got a supercharger. You’ll be able to get through peak hour traffic like it’s standing still – which it probably is!

5. Like the Apple Watch, it’s super technomological

The H2 has all sorts of great stuff. It has traction control (you won’t need it), launch control (but then you can’t wheelie from the traffic lights), ABS brakes (but then you can’t do cool skids), and a quick shifter (it’s like V-TEC). You won’t need any of these things Chaz, but it’s nice to know they’re there.

6. It will make you a better rider

Do you think the best riders in the world started out on tiny dirt bikes or small capacity road bikes? Of course not, Chaz. They went straight to the big toys and learned from there because they’re awesome. You’re awesome too, Chaz and there’s no way to be a better rider than to get one of the fastest motorcycles available today.

So there you have it, Chaz. I’m sure no matter what we said you would have ended up buying a Ninja H2 with your dad’s money, but it’s also no doubt good for you to have some positive reinforcement of what will perhaps be your last major decision in your life.


2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2

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  • Vasco Gama

    So much win put together

  • Eric Tha Don

    I want one and Im getting one.