Is it Ever Okay to Sit on Someone’s Motorcycle Without Asking?

Dear Unfortunately, my father didn’t end up buying me a Ninja H2 for my first bike. He got hit with a lawsuit for embezzlement of pension funds and couldn’t afford it. So I’ve had to get a job and save up to buy a bike myself. Times certainly are tough.

Anyway, on the weekend I saw the bike I wanted – a GiXXer(sic) – parked on the street. I sat on it and took a selfie to post to all my female friends on Snapchat when the owner came over and totally went off his nut at me! What goes? I thought all motorcycle owners were bros?

Yours sincerely, Chaz McGuire.

Hi Chaz,

It’s good to hear from you again. Honestly, after your last email to us asking if the Ninja H2 would be a good first bike, we had low expectations on hearing from you again. Given your latest email that’s probably still the case but it’s nice to see you’ve managed to survive a little bit longer. Shame about your father, though.

As far as sitting on someone’s bike without asking is concerned, yes, that’s generally frowned upon. The reason behind this all comes back to this funny thing called private property and the use of it without permission. Odd, I know.

So, yes, the motorcycle community is a rather tight knit one where you can make friends by a shared interest in bikes – as long as you manage to respect social norms while doing so.

Let me give you an example. If you were to come across an unlocked sportscar would you open the door, sit in the driver’s seat and take a photo? No, probably not. Yet for some reason, because motorcycles are open and exposed some people think that gives them carte blanche to touch, sit on or even more them. This is not the case.

Most people will acknowledge that if a small child were sitting in a seat by themselves, they would not touch, sit on or move them. The same goes for people’s spouses – no touching unless you ask permission before hand.

A lot of this comes down to people’s perceptions of motorcycles. Many people think motorcycles are just a toy and hence not really important – they don’t realise that for motorcycle owner’s, their bikes are their pride and joy. The same people who sit on complete stranger’s bikes no doubt would scream blue murder if they came back to their car to find someone sitting on the hood.

So Chaz, no, it’s not okay to sit on someone’s bike without asking. Ever. Though I’m sure if you asked the owner they’d be more than happy to lit you take a photo to send to your harem.


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