Is A Ducati Scooter In the Pipeline? Let’s Hope Not

Rumors of a Ducati scooter are similar to rumors of Elvis still being alive – plainly wrong but resurfacing every so often. But in a recent interview at Italian magazine, the door was left wide ajar by current CEO Claudio Domenicali. In response to a question about whether a scooter manufactured by Ducati would be akin to blasphemy, Domenicali stated that “A scooter marked Ducati is not blasphemy – we never said nor think.”

He went to say that “Our brand is a brand very characterised in a sporting sense, with values ​​that can be reflected in any type of product – even a coffee cup, so to speak. So, calling it the right way, even a scooter could be a way forward.”

There’s two very distinct ways a Ducati scooter could go. On the positive side, Ducati managed to introduce a cruiser into their lineup, the Diavel which took the category into a completely new direction and to great critical acclaim. In fact, rumors of a Ducati scooter surfaced around the time of the Diavel’s release due to how out of left field it was for the brand.

At the other end of the spectrum, we can’t help but feel a Ducati scooter would be in the same league as the Aston Martin Cygnet, an abortion of a car that the British marque had hoped would allow it to break into new markets and capture new customers (as well bring down overall emissions for the EU), but only led to ridicule and a dilution of the core Aston Martin brand.

There’s also no doubt some pressure from parent company, the Volkswagen Group. Many no doubt still rue the day that Porsche began to look for greener pastures with the Cayenne SUV which while was surely a money spinner, did tarnish the brand’s sporting heritage somewhat.

One thing should be remembered however – Ducati has actually previously manufactured and sold scooters – some 50 years ago. The Ducati Cruiser was a 175cc four stroke that made 12hp. In later years, the very Vespa like Brio was sold for four years starting in 1963.


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