IOM TT – The Latest Film On The World’s Most Dangerous Race

This years’ Isle of Man TT only finished a few weeks ago, where sadly French rider Frank Petricola became the 243rd rider fatality at the event since its inception in 1911. It’s this ever present risk of death or serious injury that is the focus of Studio Kippenberger’s short film – simply titled IOM TT – where it examines what attracts riders year after year to this momentous yet unforgiving event.

It doesn’t reach the incredible heights of TT 3D: Closer to the Edge which remains one of the best automotive documentaries ever, but then again it would be difficult to come close given IOM TT has a run time of a mere 19 minutes.

Thankfully, that 19 minutes packs a fantastic punch, with breathtaking footage one magazine described as “truly stunning photography and painstakingly arranged slow-mo sequences that perfectly capture the drama and danger of threading hedgerows at 180 mph.”

IOM TT can be purchased for viewing off Vimeo for $4.99. Check out the trailer below.


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