Introducing Video Reviews

Today marks a further progression in the growth of with the release of our first motorcycle video review of the Kawasaki Vulcan S. Our aim with our video reviews is like all other aspects of this website – to offer something slightly different to the normal and to do so in an interesting and informative way.

Our goal with our video reviews is to be the following:

  • Be funny
  • Be quirky
  • Show the bike
  • Talk about how the bike actually is, not its specifications on a piece of paper
  • Never, ever have some middle aged bloke standing beside the bike and talking about it to the camera

Our first review of the Vulcan S has guess appearances from Rick Rocker, a stereotypical Harley-Davidson enthusiast. Subsequent reviews will also feature special guests or other interesting and different features to keep things fresh.

We hope you enjoy it and we’d welcome any feedback.


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