Indian Scout Sixty Tempts With Value

Indian Motorcycles has a new bike for its Scout range – the Scout Sixty. Named after the cubic inch capacity of its motor, the 999cc machine is seemingly designed to appeal to newer riders or riders who don’t feel the need for the full 1,130 cc. The real reasoning behind the motorcycle however is to provide a lower entry point to the Scout family thanks to a reduced price tag.

That cost of the Indian Scout Sixty is $2,000 less in Australia and the United States, $2,600 less in Canada and a saving £1,500 in the UK. That’s a pretty significant amount of spare change for pretty small reduction in performance. The Scout Sixty produces 78 hp and 89 Nm at 5,600 rpm – only 8 Nm down on the full sized Scout.

Otherwise, the Scout Sixty is the same machine which means a really quite beautiful cruiser to ride that has a fit and finish that would make some Japanese manufacturers jealous. A complete line of accessories including fit-kit seats, footpeg locators and handlebars are designed to tailor the motorcycle to the rider. Riders can customize the Scout Sixty with additional accessories including wire wheels, Stage 1 exhaust systems, mini-apes, performance shock absorbers, and the 1920 Solo Saddle.


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