Indian Motorcycles Trademarks ‘Springfield’ Moniker

Not long after the announcement and release of the Indian Dark Horse,  American Environmental Protection Agency documents list the Indian Springfield alongside existing motorcycles that will be sold by Polaris in 2016.

The Indian Dark Horse was discovered in the same way, but unlike that model which then was officially announced soon after, it’s likely the Indian Springfield will be officially confirmed later this year when the 2016 season approaches.

The EPA documents don’t reveal too much, other than the Indian Springfield will use the same 1,811 cc V-Twin engine as used on the Chieftain, Roadmaster and Dark Horse. Like the Dark Horse, it’s quite possible the Springfield will be a single seat model as it was when it was last on sale around mid-2000.

The Springfield name references the location of the first Indian factory in Springfield, Massachusetts where it produced motorcycles from 1901 to 1953.

2003 Indian Spirit Springfield

The 2003 Indian Spirit Springfield



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