Immerse Yourself In the New Yamaha R1M

It’s now just weeks until the first batch of brand new Yamaha R1’s hit the dealerships. If you’ve put down a deposit then good for you because so far the feedback on the machine has been nothing but positive. But if you’re still sitting on the fence (or just really enjoy watching a fast motorcycle go fast) then check out this video from Yamaha.

Taken from onboard a lap at the Sugo circuit in Japan, it’s actually a great demonstration of how technologically advanced the new R1M is. Everything that you see on the video is courtesy of the R1M’s onboard computers. Down the bottom right is a read out that indicates what systems are in use on the bike, including traction, skid control and the quick shifter.

To the left of that is an indication of pitch and roll on the bike and in middle top right is a GPS readout of the track. Owners of the R1M will have access to all this telemetry plus more from the onboard system. Never before has such detail been available on a stock production bike.

It’s been a while since a superbike has excited us this much, but there’s every indication that the new Yamaha R1 and R1M will shift the category forward a great deal. Here’s hoping the competition follows too.


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