Husqvarna 701 Goes Ice Skating

The Husqvarna 701 Supermoto will be the Swedish company’s first street legal motorcycle since being bought by KTM from BMW in 2013. That’s great news for the brand and to celebrate the release of the 701 (slated for late this year), Husqvarna has launched a website dedicated to the new bike.

Strangely, to publicize their new street legal machine, they’ve decided to throw some spiked tires on and go ice racing. It looks like fun, though we’re not sure of the relevance for the bike.

The Husqvarna 701 Supermoto uses a slightly modified version of the single cylinder engine as used in the KTM 690 SMC. Output is 67 bhp, weight will be 320 lb (145kg) and it will come with a slipper clutch, ABS and three engine modes. Fuel tank capacity is 4.2 gallons (16L).

There’s no word at this stage on a release of the 701 outside of Europe, but we believe it’s likely it will hit Australia and the United States in the first half of 2016.


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