Honda True Adventure Part Four: The Snoozing

Honda has released the fourth in its series of True Adventure videos that are acting as a ‘tease’ to the release of the new Africa Twin (or whatever it will be called) which will be released later this year. This video contains a group of Japanese and European men plus a Brit sitting around a table talking about boring stuff to do with the new bike.

If you wait to the end of the video (or skip to it like I did after a while) you’ll get a tiny teaser of the new bike on a gravel road. It’s off in the distance in the top right corner, so don’t expect much.

As patents showed a few months ago, the Africa Twin’s airbox is split in two parts with one mounted either side of the headstock. What this means is that the fuel tank can sit directly behind the engine which then in turn not only lowers the overall center of mass of the Africa Twin, but keeps things narrow up front as well. This will provide it with far more off road cred than say KTM’s 1190 Adventure bike (or dare we say, BMW Motorrad’s R1200GS).

Another benefit of this split airbox design it that the bike’s twin radiators sit just below each of the airboxes which provides the front suspension and wheels with more travel while keeping the radiator further out of harms way of being damaged on rough terrain.

The video is below, but a note to the PR reps at Honda – long, drawn out teasers of bikes that have been shown off already in virtual production form don’t work. People get bored of them and go and buy something else. The Ninja H2 and Yamaha R1 were teasers done right – short and to the point and they were actually teasing in a way that kept us interested just enough.

/end grumpy man mode.


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