Honda Teases New Concepts, But Will They Actually Build Them?

There’s a number of motorcycle shows happening in Japan at the moment, but the biggest is the Osaka Motorcycle Show. It’s here that Honda has unveiled a number of concepts and ‘prototypes’ – some good, some bland and some we’ve seen before. The question is though, will any of these actually see the light of day as production motorcycles?

The most likely bike that will see production is the CRF250 Rally, which has now apparently moved from being a concept to a prototype – albeit it still looks very similar to its previous showings. Honda has been showing this off at almost every motorcycle show for the last 12 plus months and given the positive feedback garnered both at shows and online, it would seem almost inevitable that it will be produced – if it’s not already in production in Thailand now.

Also likely to make it to production is the Africa Twin ‘Adventure Sports’ Concept. Calling it a concept is pushing the envelope a bit, as it’s essentially a kitted up Africa Twin with potentially better off-road performance for serious riders. The new Honda Africa Twin is already a huge success for the company and once sales start to plateau, it would make sense to begin selling special editions.

africa twin adventure sport

The third ‘concept’ shown off by Honda is the CB Concept Type II which is based on the under achieving CB1100. Again, calling this a concept is a stretch, as it appears to be essentially a standard CB1100 but with a few cosmetic changes and Ohlins suspension. It’s hardly ground breaking and given the ever diminishing markets for large capacity air cooled bikes, seems unlikely that this will actually make it to market unless as a watered down ‘special edition’ of the current CB1100.


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