Honda RC213V-S – A $184,000 Bike With Less Power than a Harley V-Rod

No, that headline isn’t a mistake. The much hyped Honda RC213V-S – supposedly a road legal MotoGP bike has been unveiled today and it’s a massive disappointment. We’d said many months ago that a ridiculously priced motorcycle that just uses parts from MotoGP brings nothing of intrinsic value to the market, but it’s actually worse than we thought.

You see, the RC213V-S is anything but a road legal MotoGP bike. For whatever reason, Honda has made the bike street legal in a shockingly limited way. For the eye watering price of $184,000 (in USD) you get a bike you can ride on the road plus a kit to convert the bike to something closer to MotoGP spec – only when kitted out like that, it can’t be used on the street.

In street trim, the RC213V-S produces 75kw (101bhp) at 8000 rpm. Why? We have no idea, but that’s less than the current model Triumph Daytona 675R which makes 92 kW (124 hp) @ 12,600 rpm. Hell, it’s less than a huge number of cruisers, adventure bikes, sports-tourers and so on.

Oh, did we mention that the kit isn’t even being sold in the United States? That’s only for Europe and Australia for some reason. So for those living in the USA who are incredibly stupid but don’t want others to know it – don’t buy this bike. Instead, get a Ducati 1299 Panigale – a bike that is also street legal, pumps out 205 hp but costs one tenth that of the Honda.

Perhaps you’re thinking that this bike must have some super technology to warrant the price, like lasers or the ability to levitate, or maybe it farts unicorns. Nope. Unlike the MotoGP bike, it doesn’t get the seamless-shift transmission, nor the pneumatic valve system. Its dry weight in street trim is 170kg – again heavier than a Panigale.

In track trim the figures do improve, with horsepower increasing to 212 hp (still down on the MotoGP figure of 235 hp) and weight reduces to 160kg dry. But as we said before, if you live in America, tough luck because you can’t have the sports kit. In Europe the asking price is €188,000 and $244,000 in Australia.


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