Honda RC213-VS Hyperbike to go into Production

We hate to say we told you so but, we told you so. A report from Japanese newspaper, The Asashi Shimbun states that Honda has given the go ahead for the MotoGP ‘replica’ to be built at a price tag of ¥20 million, or about $170,000 at today’s exchange rate.

In our article ‘Will Honda Build The Honda RC213V-S And Does Anyone Actually Care?‘ we predicted the price would be about $250,000 (and it still might be once it reaches the United States), making the RC213V-S a completely pointless machine. At $170,000 it’s still pointless and still won’t be a true MotoGP replica unless Honda is happy to lose money hand over fist on a bike which will have limited marketing value (an actual MotoGP bike will set you back around $1.2 million).

According to the article, the Honda RC213V-S will go on sale later this year and minor changes will be made to accommodate regulations in various markets including de-tuning the engine (!?!?) and obvious additions like indicators and license plate holders.

We’d still much rather see Honda actually update some of their models such as the CBR600RR (barely changed since 2009) and the Fireblade (also not overhauled since 2008). In our opinion, the RC213V-S is a cynical marketing exercise done purely in response to the huge success Yamaha and Kawasaki have had with publicizing their latest halo models (R1 and H2/H2R).


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  • No mere mortal could ever afford it

  • How about a redesign of the CBR600RR and CBR1000RR, something that is actually relevant?

    • That’d be the sensible thing, but it’s much easier to just release a bike maybe 50 people on the planet will actually buy.