Honda CBR250RR set for Production

Reports from Indonesia indicate that Honda’s ‘Super Light Weight Concept’ which has been dubbed the rebirth of the CBR250RR is set for production. Manufacture of the bike is set to commence in March next year at the Astra Honda Motor factory in Karawang, West Java and release of the bike likely to occur in the fourth quarter of 2016.

If the reports are correct, it’s going to be interesting to see what Honda do with their existing lineup. Currently, the Honda CBR300R and CB300F are both produced in Thailand. It would seem strange to continue to sell those machines if Honda is going to bring out a two-cylinder bike to play in the same space.

There is a possibility that only the engine will be produced in Indonesia with the rest of the bike being built in Thailand, though seeing as Thailand also produces the two-cylinder CBR500 range in the land of smiles, retooling the line to produce the new engine wouldn’t seem to be a stretch either.

But that’s just part of the puzzle – we’re still unsure of the specifications of this new bike and how much of the concept will make it into production. Looks wise we don’t expect too much to change save of course for the use of more traditional lights and other finishes. Power wise, we’re hearing it will rival the RC390 – but for that we’d expect it to be at least bored out to 300cc or more.

super light concept dash


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