Honda CB300X To Be Unveiled In Japan?

We’re already aware of two concepts being shown at next weeks Tokyo Motorcycle Show – the already seen SFA concept and the new CRF250 Rally. But there’s another motorcycle that Honda will apparently be showing in Japan next week and we have received strong indications that it will be a dual-sport inspired Honda CB300X.

This bike has actually previously be shown in India under the CX-01 concept. That bike contained the frame and engine from the then CBR250R, with a few other bits and pieces taken from the NC700S. Like the Honda CB500X, the CX-01 was designed as a dual-sport machine though with little potential off-road ability.

The CX-01 hasn’t been seen since February last year, but our sources in India and Japan have both informed us that there’s a high probability it will be on show next week, potentially even with CB300X badges.

Honda has generally been playing catch-up in the entry market in the western world, chasing Kawasaki and KTM with the CBR250R/300R and subsequent CB300F naked model. If Honda released an adventure styled entry bike, they’d finally be one step ahead of the competition.

The Tokyo Motorcycle Show begins on 27 March and runs for three days and we’ll be bringing you all the news.

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