Harley-Davidson Electric Motorcycle the ‘Livewire’ to be announced

Harley-Davidson has all but confirmed it will be announcing a production electric motorcycle tomorrow after a whirlwind 48 hours of rumors.  Spy photos taken from the set of The Avengers sequel were published by UK tabloid the Daily Mail, back in April, but unbeknownst to most, they showed a potential all new electric Harley-Davidson.

After an article by UK magazine Visordown pointing out this electric possibility a few days ago, Harley-Davidson today released a teaser trailer on Youtube featuring one very quiet sounding bike.  The full announcement will occur tomorrow with patent applications indicating the bike will be called the Livewire.

This is a potentially game changing release by Harley-Davidson, as it would make it the first mainstream motorcycle brand to embrace an electric bike.   Not Honda, not BMW, but HD.  Its ground breaking for Harley-Davidson in itself, as it’s probably the last manufacturer one would expect to consider an electric bike.  Think of it like Toyota releasing the Prius and how that changed the industry, except that Harley-Davidson is actually a brand people desire.

Harley-Davidson is a very polarizing company.  Built on a macho, outlaw image, their bikes are hardly cutting edge in anyway.  In fact, Harley-Davidson is often criticized for solely relying on its brand image rather than actually manufacturing quality products.  As this scientifically created Venn diagram below shows, they’re a company you almost solely either love or hate.

Venn Diagram of Harley Davidson

And that’s what makes this impending announcement so exciting.  A company like Harley-Davidson releasing something cutting edge could bring electric bikes to the mainstream so much quicker.  That’s a good thing, as we’ve seen from the likes of Zero and Mission, electric bikes are actually damn exciting and already have incredible performance.

So, congratulations Harley-Davidson.  You may just be about to win over a lot of converts and new fans.

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