Go Pro Hits Rider At 160 mph And Why Cameras Are Progressively Being Banned From Tracks

Action cameras are great to not only show everyone your exploits on your bike, but to record your progress as a rider as you drop your sector times and lap times down at your favorite track. Unfortunately however, the use of such devices is becoming less and less free as incidents like this occur:

The footage was taken at Texas World Speedway, an extremely high speed track with it’s long banked curves. Due to the possibility of serious injury (and subsequent litigation), more and more tracks are banning the use of action cameras due to the possibility of them coming off their mounts. Even with tethering, some tracks are not willing to take the risk of a rider being hit by a projectile at such immense speeds.

From the description of the video:

Rider, Barry Reynolds, was hit by a GoPro at over 160 mph during a motorcycle track day at Texas World Speedway. The camera had fallen off a bike ahead of him.

The camera smashed through the windscreen and destroyed the gauge cluster on it’s way to hitting the rider in the chest. You can imagine what could have happened if it would have been about a foot higher.

Please tether your cameras when on the track.

Here’s an image of the damage done to the bike. Thankfully the rider in question wasn’t riding a naked without a windscreen.

Go Pro Hitting Rider at Texas World Speedway

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  • I agree it’s a safety issue that should be addressed. The CMRA requires cameras to be tethered to the bike in case the camera comes off the mount. If tethering would’ve prevented this incident, why don’t track day organizations or tracks simply require tethering, rather than banning cameras altogether? Anyway, it’s ironic that the rider hit by the camera also had a camera on the bike. Fortunately, the camera retains some of the momentum/speed of the bike it was on, so the closing speed with the following bike wouldn’t be the full 160mph.