Get Comfortable With AltRider’s DualControl Brake System

When riding offroad there’s a lot of variation in your body position, the biggest of which is how you ride the bike between standing and sitting down. One issue that arises is your foot position in relation to the rear brake which is a critical input when hitting dirt roads. Accessories manufacturer AltRider thinks they have come up with a solution that’s pretty low-tech – which when we’re talking about offroad riding is always welcome.

Called the AltRider DualControl Brake System, it’s effectively a replacement for the right OEM rear brake lever that has three parts – a riser, an enlarger plate and a brake snake. With AltRider’s custom enlarger and riser, there’s now effectively a two level lever – an upper section for when standing and a lower section when seated. For those with different measurements and preferences, two riser heights are also available for further customisation, being 22mm and 32 mm. The riser sits on an enlarged plate which provides more real estate to give your boot better purchase on as well.

As an optional extra, Altrider has developed another add on that helps prevent debris from getting in between the pedal and the bike and therefore minimising the potential for damage and bending of the lever which they call the Brake Snake. The full kit costs $69.97, while the kit with only an enlarger and riser is $64.97.

Unfortunately, at this stage its only available for BMW 1200 GS bikes of the water cooled variety, though Altrider is working on kits for the Super Teneere, BMW F 800 GS, KTM’s adventure models and KTM’s dirt bikes.

Source: AltRider


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