Gear Up Every Ride Initiative By The Motorcycle Industry Council

The US Motorcycle Industry Council – the industry body that looks after the interests of motorcycle manufacturers, distributors, dealers and retailers of bikes, gear, parts and accessories is launching a a new initiative built around ways to encourage riders to use proper motorcycle apparel.

The official launch will happen during May’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness month. The website is already up but will officially launch this Friday with an online contest featuring nearly $10,000 in prizes and growing.

“Gear Up is designed to be more of a movement than a public awareness campaign,” said Eric Anderson, chair of MIC’s Rider Safety Committee. “We want to inspire a fundamental shift in the way riders think, encouraging them to express themselves and the independent spirit of motorcycling through their riding gear. At the same time, we want to help motorcyclists make educated decisions. It’s not about shaming riders to do the right thing. It’s about providing good information and encouragement to make wise choices.”

According to the Council, Gear Up Every Ride is based on the core principles of education, preparation and inspiration. The Gear Up team believes that informing riders of the latest developments and trends in protective equipment will allow them to make the best decisions about the gear they wear. Gear Up is also designed to better prepare riders for the road ahead, guiding them toward the right apparel to take on the challenges that the road and weather might present.

It’s a great looking campaign and is in stark contrast to the American Motorcyclist Association that continues to hold on to its archaic view on the use of motorcycle helmets. Their official position statement on helmet use includes such gems as, “Mandatory helmet laws do nothing to prevent crashes”. At least the Motorcycle Industry Council realizes that in order for its members to remain profitable, it needs customers that are alive.

Gear Up Every Ride Initiative By The US Motorcycle Industry Council


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