G2 P51 Combat Fighter – Confederate’s Latest Assault

Confederate Motorcycles are perhaps the most bespoke custom builders in the world. Unlike other talented individuals and companies that tend to use existing engines or frames to begin their work, Confederate build from scratch. Frame, engine, even the suspension is propriety and their latest machine is both a work of art and a technical masterpiece too – the G2 P51 Combat Fighter.

Confederate describes the P51 Combat Fighter as their magnum opus and at the heart of the P51 is big block V-twin producing over 200 horsepower and an absolutely insane 170 ft lbs of torque. That’s power is transferred to a massive 240/45-ZR17 rear tire. Weight is 500 pounds.

The new bike’s chassis incorporates a structural intake box that ties directly into a CNC billet aluminum structural downdraft intake manifold, an industry first. The fuel tank is structural; huge billet blocks are machined and masterfully welded to create the bridge that connects the induction system to the massive swing arm pivot machined into the unitized billet engine cases. Each front suspension girder and the rear swing arm are hewn from huge blocks of solid, as well, via five axis machining technology, to optimize structural integrity and fatigue resistance while minimizing un-sprung weight.

So, interested? Only 61 examples of the bike will be built;  31 will be designated blonde and presented as raw machined billet; 30 will be designated black and presented as raw machined billet anodized black. MSRP for the blonde is $113,900 USD; MSRP for the black is $119,500 USD. Time to up the mortgage on the house.

Source: Confederate


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