Furygan AFS 10 Leather Gloves

These are great looking gloves, beautiful even. And they’re French. It’s not just the Italians that can design great looking bike gear.

Furygan is a little known brand outside Western Europe and the UK, but after using these gloves, they don’t deserve to be. The black and white version I’ve been wearing has received many positie comments from people – yes, comments for a pair of gloves.

Furygan AFS 10 Glove Palm

I can’t speak for the long term quality of these gloves at this stage, but they feel like quality. The leather, which comes from a now deceased goat, feels soft and strong and the stiching seems top knotch.

Safety wise, both the ring finger and pinky (little finger) are stiched together, which is a great way to reduce fractures and dislocations in an accident. Being gauntlet gloves, they offer wonderful protection up the forearm and provide enough room to accommodate the end of a leather jackets sleeves to ensure complete coverage of your skin.

Furygan AFS 10 Leather Gloves White

My only two complaints are that in summer, airflow could be slightly better as your hands do end up sweating slightly. Also, while there is padding on the palms, I would prefer it to be slightly large to absorb more force in the event of going down.

There’s few, if any stockists of these gloves outside of Europe, so head to Ebay for a pair or visit our partner store. At $120USD, they’re quite a bargain for a gauntlet glove for the track. Sizing is fairly accurate, though some may find the fingers of the gloves slightly too long

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