French Company Bolid’Ster Releases Jeans with new Kevlar Fabric

Kevlar motorcycle jeans have improved dramatically over the years, but they’re still pretty bulky (and hot) items to wear. But french company Bolid’Ster may have changed that with their new line of jeans. Unlike conventional jeans which use use a lining of Kevlar underneath the denim in certain areas of the jeans, Bolid’Ster uses a textile fibre called Armalith which is touted to be the strongest such fibre available today.

Armalith isn’t new and has been touted as a textile to use in motorcycle apparel since around 2006. It has actually been used previously in jeans by other French manufacturers but hasn’t really caught on much outside of Europe. Bolid’Star is now trying to overcome that.

The fibre is woven through the cotton of the jeans and the base material is actually used in high tensile cables in oceans where it has shown high strength and wear resistance. Stitching is also extremely robust and is rated as PA66 which is a high tenacity fibre thread which is actually used to stitch together airbags.

Bolid’Ster will be releasing two variants, the Jean’Ster and the Ride’Ster. The Jean’Ster will be the cheaper of the two and provides slightly lower abrasion resistance and doesn’t come with any protective padding. The Ride’Ster provides higher abrasion resistant qualities plus comes with CE knee protectors which can be removed.

No word yet on pricing, but previous jeans that used Armalith went for upwards of €300.

Source: Ultimate Motorcyling


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